The teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English (PPSMI)

The reversal of the PPSMI policy by the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in 2012 now witnesses the products of his decision with the latest batch of students receiving their SPM results earlier in the month of March. These students were the first batch to experience the application of a dual language system for the mathematics and science subjects throughout their entire secondary school period. Despite the proclamation by the Ministry of Education pertaining the spike in the SPM results in comparison with the previous years, what is the true standard of our Malaysian students’ command when it comes to the English language? Do the A’s and A+’s in the various mathematics and science subjects justify the students’ understanding of the English language? Did the pivotal decision to change the language medium from English to Bahasa Malaysia turn out to be a success or was it just another subtle gesture by the government to emphasize on the importance …

The journey of an almost failed scholar

Scholarships. You probably heard about someone getting it. Or maybe you know people, personally who have acquired them. What does it take to get one? Is it really meant for individuals with superpowers? Is there a lot of luck involved?

            I was just like you. With all these questions lingering in my head. Here I sat, looking at my results. Nothing that great or extraordinary but good enough to be eligible to apply for every single scholarship out there. Excluding Petronas and the KPM Bursary.             So then I started applying. For as many scholarships as possible. From Khazanah to Bank Negara and MMC, you name it, I applied for it. It was a rough total of 10 scholarships that I’ve applied to.             I worked diligently on my personal statements and essays (if the application requires them). Consulted my family members and seniors who are scholarship holders to proofread my essays and ensure that they’re on acceptable standards.             Then, one by one,…

American Degree Program in INTI Internationl University

Hello  friends, I’m Thyviyan and well,I'm going to enlighten you about the American Degree Transfer Program where you get to continue your undergraduate in the United States or Canada.This program is called American University Program (AUP) in INTI IU.
I wanted to do actuarial science but then I found out that this major  was rare in the sense that if I want to do a foundation in it and then get your degree done.But,not to forget about programs like SAM,A-Levels or Canadian Pre-U program which offers you to do your pre university before  pursuing the degree in actuarial science.No one mentioned to me about this transfer program until I checked out in INTI and they suggested to me AUP and SAM. For AUP,you can do 2+2 or 1+3 year program to transfer your credits to the USA or Canada.

2 main reasons I chose INTI IU Nilai is because I knew a few friends who did the same major as me and went through the same pathway before graduating in the USA.They said that it is actually normal if you…

ASEAN Scholarship

ASEAN scholarship, like its name suggests, is opened to all ASEAN students. There are four subcategories of ASEAN scholarship, namely secondary one, secondary three, pre-university one and undergraduate (which is further divided into National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU)).Note that the ASEAN undergraduate scholarships are awarded by the respective universities, while others are awarded by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. So the terms and conditions are different, which I’m not going to elaborate here since they are widely available online. What I want to highlight though is that secondary one, secondary three and pre-university one scholarships are only tenable up till completion of Singapore A-levels, meaning that you are not guaranteed the ASEAN undergraduate scholarship. If you think for one second that if you are good enough to be awarded other ASEAN scholarships means that you will be good eno…

Life at KYUEM

Life at KYUEM is both memorable and invaluable. Ranging from the supposedly boring class hours to the late nights forging lifelong bonds with friends unlike any other. Kinda sounds like the perfect place to continue your studies especially if you take into account the statistics; around 95% of students getting to fly, 5 of which having offers to cambridge and oxford.
            This place despite the success rate could also be your downfall as many are also too preoccupied with the various curricular activities(big events that involve the entire student body as well as celebrating nearly all festive events like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas, green week, islamic week etc2). We are REALLY REALLY big on koko, be warned! No doubt its extremely enjoyable but it could take a toll on your studies especially if you're not so good at managing your time which could jeopardise your chances of getting your first uni choice.
            Nevertheless, the lecturers here are really goo…

Short and sweet

Hi everyone! My name is Jasvinder Kaur and I am currently a second year law student in Brickfields Asia College (BAC). Studying in BAC is a lifelong experience to be treasured. There are two campuses; one is located in Brickfields and another in Petaling Jaya (BAC VSQ campus).
As a student in BAC, I find the lecturers very helpful. The lecturers are highly qualified and have many years of teaching experiences. At the beginning of every lectures or tutorials, the students are provided with hand-outs or outline. Other than that, BAC provides free books (textbooks, statutes, workbooks etc.) to all students. Since BAC subscribed Lexis Nexis Malaysia and Westlaw Malaysia, there is an automatic access for the students to obtain law articles, journals, cases and many more via these resources. The VSQ campus is a bigger campus and it is able to accommodate larger number of students, who are in need of these resources. Besides, BAC provides scholarships to students, who excel in their studies.

Life in NUS and my journey here

People ask me, often, the question. “What makes you choose Singapore?” True. I wonder that myself too. I can honestly tell you it was a spur of the moment, and that was after obtaining my trial results in school. It was pretty good, and I was thinking, hmm, should I try for a Singapore college? I did some research and set my target on Victoria Junior College (VJC, currently ranked 3rd after Hwa Chong Junior College and Raffles Junior College). There was no interviews or screening exams. What I learnt, later, was that my successful application was due to the strong personal statements I wrote, which the (then) current vice principal enjoyed reading it.     You may now wonder what I’ve written in my personal statements. It’s a shame that I’ve lost those essays. What I could remember is my tenacity though the choice of words I used. I wrote about how I could contribute to the college, and at the same time, maximize my learning potential in an intellectually vigorous environment. It was an es…