Petronas Youngstars Day - An awesome scholarship opportunity

My Petronas Youngstars Day was held in the Taylor's Lakeside Campus. But then of course your's could be in Universiti kebangsaan Malaysia or in Pullman Hotel, Kuching if you are from Sabah or Sarawak depending on how you are separated after your application goes in. You would see many different faces who are all set to give it at a go at a chance to obtain a scholarship from Petronas to either study locally or in another country.
       The day would begin would begin with registration. A very detail process where all your certificates and application related documents will be checked thoroughly. Students would the be divided into various groups (by various I mean any random freaking group). A briefing would then be given by the head of the scholarship selection team regarding the years agenda, how the scholars are selected and about how a job with Petronas upon graduation is not guaranteed. So here's how your day is going to be. The selection process is divided into two sessions. The group case study and the IQ test. One session will be carried out before lunch and the other one after. This depends on how you are divided on that day.

 *First tip of the day -SMILE AND MAKE AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE....AND ALWAYS                                       STAY COOL

The Test

Three tests
I. Maths & Science Test (MST) 30 Questions/60 minutes
II. Critical Reasoning Test - Verbal (CRT-V) 60 questions/30 minutes
III. Critical Reasoning Test - Diagrammatic (CRT-D) 40 questions/20 minutes

 It's going to pretty difficult (well that's how I found it to be) if you have forgotten your SPM basics.
 I guess you could practice these tests online (except the maths and science test) by just hitting the key words on Google.

You will definitely have to rush as these questions will be kinda stressful and time consuming. The Verbal Test would just have some high level English questions where you would be required to look for answers really fast from passages(long ones). And by that I mean TRUE or FALSE questions. Not that difficult really.
The Diagrammatic Test is gonna It'll range from guessing the patterns to thinking logically and reasoning to determine the order of shapes and stuff like that. Just Google it.

Be sure to have a good lunch because whatever comes next definitely requires you to be not hungry.  

The Interview

You will be put in a room (with your team of course) and a case study will be given. You will have a specific role to play. Probably against or either to support the case. Examples of topics that have come up include Cyber Crime, Student Exchange Program and Role of parents in their child's life. All you have to do is to stay calm, come up with points and try your very best to sound as rational as possible during your arguments. Showcase your team player ability and don't try to steal the show as this will be VERY OBVIOUS.

For the individual won't even break a sweat. I was asked to tell about myself and about my family. Tell them why I deserved this scholarship. A little bit about my participation in sports and other activities. Nothing to worry about. Staying calm and confident with a big bright smile will surely help.

So that's about it I guess. And just so you know (from what I know and saw), the interviewers are mostly lecturers and faculty heads from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). The facilitators are all overseas scholars under the petronas scholarship who are currently doing their preparatory program here. So don't worry. They don't bite.


  1. I have a question about the tests, if I applied for actuarial science, do I still need to take the science test or just math?
    Thanks heaps.


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